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To and Through the Coach

We pursue our vision and mission through the strategy of to and through the coach. We seek ministry first to coaches hearts, marriages and families. Then, when ready, we minister through coaches to their fellow coaches, teams and athlete leaders.

Billy Graham said, “A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime.” With the influence of a coach, FCA recognizes the most strategic way to reach more athletes is to first reach the coach.


IWLCA Coaches Breakfast

Every year we host a FCA Lacrosse Coaches Breakfast at the IWLCA Convention. This is an opportunity to encourage and empower college coaches in their faith while also giving them tools to improve their overall impact on and off the field. Our hope is to gather coaches together who are interested in connecting with each other in fellowship and to link arms and impact the lacrosse community together.

Who: College Coaches at IWLCA Convention 

What: Breakfast, Coach's Testimony, Speaker, Free Resources

When: November 2019

Where: West Palm Beach, FL

Cost: Free


We have a variety of print and digital resources to help coaches grow spiritually and as a coach. You'll have access to FCA bible studies, books, trainings material and videos. 


3D Coaching Clinic

Becoming a great coach is a journey. 3 Dimensional Coaching is a framework to help you as you travel that journey. This 3-hour high level training will equip you to become a Transformational Coach who understands what it means to engage your athletes in all 3 Dimensions – the body, the mind and the heart. Along this journey, you will make important discoveries that will increase your capacity to effectively coach the 21st century athlete.

Who: Youth, Club, High School and College Coaches

What: 3D Coaches Clinic

When: Fall 2019

Where: FCA Support Center (8901 Leeds Rd. Kansas City, MO 64129)

Cost: Free

Team Huddle

A Team Huddle is a great way of furthering your influence as a coach with your team by empowering your athletes through a Huddle. This is a targeted bible study within a unique individual team setting.

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Coaches Huddle

An FCA Coaches Huddle is a small group bible study for coaches that coach teams at all levels on campus and in community club/travel sports. A Coaches huddle can consist of a coaching staff or it can be made up of coaches from various teams.

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Monthly Fellowship Call

Our FCA Coaches Fellowship Call is a great place to grow alongside other coaches in your walk with the Lord on a consistent basis. We know college coaches are busy, so we keep these conference calls to 30 minutes and have one every month. You'll hear a short devotional pertinent to the life of a coach, take part in a short discussion, and pray together.

Who: College Coaches

What: 30 Minute Conference Call

When: 10:00 - 10:30 am (EST) | 2nd Friday of Every Month (September-May) 

Call: (605) 313-5110 | Pin#: 549-153-571